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EuroMart is a local family-owned and operated specialty store located in Grand Junction at the intersection of N 11th Street and North Avenue across from KFC and CMU. 

That lack of European grocery stores in the region is exactly why we went to such an effort to open the area’s first such store and provide fine quality specialty foods & confections.

EuroMart specializes in European food products that are unavailable elsewhere in the Grand Valley. At our store you can find an array of chocolate, sweets, cheese, cured meat, sausages(kielbasa), German bratwurst, bologna, liverwurst, salami, caviar, canned fish, herrings, vegetable spreads, spices, jams, pickled vegetables, drinks, mineral water, bread, frozen pierogi, dumplings, spaetzles, blintzes, condiments, spices, and many other ethnic foods from all over Europe.

Our top priority is providing the best quality and wide variety of European products along with great customer service. Every decision we make is with these goals in mind.

Please visit our store and treat yourself with something special like pierogies or may be something else! We hope that whatever you get you will like it and keep coming back to us.

Thank you and we hope to see you soon!

Dziwisz Family

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